Real people experience real harm and a reduced quality of life due to involuntary exposure to wood smoke pollution.

We believe it’s important to convey the human side of this issue as well as the science.

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Coughing from smoke in Fife

I am so angry at being forced to breathe this in knowing how dangerous it is.

Too many using wood stoves in a UK village

Laughingly the local council state that we are a clean air zone – I think it’s cleaner in London in the winter!

Vermont neighbors don’t care

I have a heart condition and have to run two big air purifiers 24/7 and sometimes the smoke is so bad I can’t go out in my yard.

No break from smoke in the Bay Area

I would think they’d welcome the fresh air when we finally get it rather than immediately adding more smoke to the air.

Asthma in a smoked-out smoke control area

There are three people living in our house with asthma… I bought an air quality meter and the air is often at dangerous levels.

Wood smoke pollution in the Alps

Every evening from October until the end of April, very high levels of fine particles are present in the air.

Constant smoke in Northwest England

…throughout winter we face a constant smoke nuisance from wood burners…

Smoky southern France

It’s just November, and already there is an ever-present smell of smoke… At what cost, I ask myself now, might this intention to move here turn out, sooner or later, to be?…

Pizza restaurant smokes out home

…The smoke spreads over the neighbourhood and silently enters our home and lungs unabated. Our lives and health are no match for the money-making business of wood-fired pizza…

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