Every day, real people experience real harm and a reduced quality of life due to involuntary exposure to wood smoke.

We believe it’s important to convey the human side of this issue as well as the science.

Read and Share Wood Smoke Stories

The following are stories that people have shared with us. Has wood smoke pollution affected you? Please use the form below to share your own wood smoke story.

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Despair in Texas

…I’m tired of being imprisoned by other’s perceived rights.…

Wood Smoke in a Small Indiana Town

…even with the insulating plastic on the windows it feels like it just pours in.…

Polluted Salt Spring Island

…even gathering our mail we have to judge if it is “safe” to go outside.…

Another Polluted Day at Home

…This is the result of “burn better.” It doesn’t work!

Polluted Air in a Small Maine Town

…outdoor air quality sensors register harmful elevated particulate matter on what would otherwise be beautiful days…

Difficult to Breathe

I’ve been dealing with lung disease for the past few years and neighborhood smoke is devastating my life…

Misery in Nevada

…I ended up getting so sick! Constant anti-inflammatory and steroid shots, pills, inhalers, nebulizer machine, visits to the hospital, etc.…

Hawaiian Nightmare

…Open burning is not allowed, but if you say you are cooking it is legal…

Toxic Burning in Melbourne Suburb

…The mental and emotional toll, as well as physical impacts of this experience, still plague me personally…

You Are Not Alone

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