Every day, real people experience real harm and a reduced quality of life due to involuntary exposure to wood smoke.

We believe it’s important to convey the human side of this issue as well as the science.

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Severe smoke pollution in Western Australia

…There are just so many wood heaters that as soon as the wind eases off we are swamped with smoke…

Dreading autumn in Sydney suburb

I never noticed how bad residential wood fire smoke could get until I moved to a certain Sydney suburb many years ago now.

Pellet stoves pollute too

I would like to share my own personal experience breathing the emissions from a nearby pellet stove about a decade ago…

Fire pits burn all day

We have an imported “Nordic Spa” across the road from us. Several open wood burning fire pits still burning 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire pits ruin evenings

…these smokers’ rights trump my rights—they can dump their smoke on my lot, so I can’t use my property the way I choose.

A growing problem in Japan

Wood-burning stoves have become a problem even in residential areas of Japan…

Chimney right next to bedroom window

Our neighbour installed a wood burner where the flue exits close to our main bedroom window…

Cancer and polluted air in Oregon

…The power to pollute that is in the hands of any one person or family, is way out of proportion to the benefit.…

Smoke causing sickness

I have been exposed to wood stove smoke and chimney smoke for four years resulting in polycythemia…

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