Every day, real people experience real harm and a reduced quality of life due to involuntary exposure to wood smoke.

We believe it’s important to convey the human side of this issue as well as the science.

Read and Share Wood Smoke Stories

The following are stories that people have shared with us. Has wood smoke pollution affected you? Please use the form below to share your own wood smoke story.

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Cancer and Polluted Air in Oregon

…The power to pollute that is in the hands of any one person or family, is way out of proportion to the benefit.…

Smoke Causing Sickness

I have been exposed to wood stove smoke and chimney smoke for four years resulting in polycythemia…

Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Smoke-Filled House

…To make matters worse, my partner has Pulmonary Fibrosis. Since we moved into this house, it’s gotten much, much worse.

Smoked Out With COPD in Hampshire

I have COPD. The neighbours have just installed a wood burner…

Smoke Ruining Life in Novato, California

My life is ruined due to the few neighbors that use their fireplaces and burn wood all day…

Struggling to Breathe in Scotland

…Since we moved in, another 6 woodburners have been installed around us. We are being choked out.…

Asthma in the Bay Area

My daughter and I have both had asthma attacks from wood burning.

Polluted Air in Humboldt County, California

Here it is nearly three decades later, and we are still waiting for those “improved wood burning regulations.”

No More Fresh Air in Michigan

We live in a small town in Mid-Michigan USA. It used to be fresh air. No More…

You Are Not Alone

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