A young boy in pajamas plays on the floor with colorful blocks next to a lit wood stove. Ash is visible on the floor next to the child.
Air Pollution

How Wood Burning Harms Our Health

Hundreds of studies have linked the fine particles and toxins found in wood smoke with a wide range of serious health outcomes, including premature deaths, even at levels that meet current regulatory standards.

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Localized Harm

Neighbors Suffer

Have you been affected by wood smoke pollution? You are not alone! Read others’ stories and share your own.

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His wood stove burns day and night and a heavy cloud of smoke surrounds my home… My asthma has become worse and my inhalers are not helping…
We spent thousands of dollars on renovations, weatherproofing and high-end HEPA air filters in every room to no avail…
…I have a neighbor who continually has campfires 30 feet from my house… My wife has been hospitalized due to smoke inhalation…
We had to move from our house that we loved. It filled with smoke from a neighbour’s woodburner…
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Pollution Hotspots

Inappropriate Risk

Wood burning creates intense localized pollution hotspots that are not revealed by overall community air quality measurements.

Smoke from a chimney rolls down a roof.