Wood Smoke Stories

A massive physical and mental impact

My children and I are currently prisoners of our home due to our neighbours’ fireplace. I have tried talking to them explaining how it affects us. I’ve also given them information on the health effects but they don’t seem to care.

I’m in NSW and it’s not even that cold yet, but they have their wood heater going every day almost all day, already.

I now suffer from asthma, which until 2 years ago I never had. I actually had a lung function test a couple of years before they installed their wood heater and I had excellent lung function.

I’ve recently been put on a preventative puffer twice a day along with other medications to try control my asthma and help clear my lungs. My Doctor has written me a support letter stating that I need to avoid smoke as it triggers my asthma and that because of the neighbours’ smoke I have poor control over my asthma. She also stated that it would be appreciated if the neighbours found another means to warm their home. I spoke to council about this as I don’t know what else to do and their reply was unhelpful.

This issue is having a massive impact on not only mine but my children’s mental and physical health. We have had a lot of lung issues in recent years. My children have suffered pneumonia, bronchitis and constant coughing every time the weather gets slightly cold and the neighbour starts the fire. We shouldn’t have to live like this for 7 months of the year.

Surely in this day and age and with the amount of research that shows just how harmful fine particles from wood smoke are, this should not be happening. It should be criminal to wilfully harm others by creating totally unnecessary air pollution.