Wood Smoke Stories

Toxic fire pit

My neighbour commissioned a new fire pit and the prevailing coastal breeze fills the house with toxic smoke.

I recently returned to my home after 2 weeks away. Immediately upon entering, I panicked, thinking the house was on fire, maybe in the ceiling. After much investigation, I realised outside, there was the same odour, so assumed it was from the pit. A few weeks later, I witnessed firsthand the toxic fumes coming from the pit, filling the house once again… burning treated pine painted fence pickets.

During the night, I became ill with a fever and burning throat. I behaved a little crazy for several days. Then, to my horror, I found several of my beautiful green frogs dying in agony around the lawn. Frogs that I know were happy and healthy. I would see them in the garden every day. Should I take one, for an autopsy, to Faculty of Vet Science JCU? I have a chronic heart condition also.