Wood Smoke Stories

We had to move

We bought our dream house two years ago and were horrified to discover that the neighbors on three sides of us burned wood almost 24/7. Our house was a beautiful older home with wonderful millwork, but as an older home had some air leaks. Our yard was uphill from one of our neighbor's chimneys, so our yard was constantly filled with smoke.

We spent thousands of dollars on renovations, weatherproofing and high-end HEPA air filters in every room to no avail. We could not use our yard or go for a walk and we constantly had sore throats, elevated heart rates, burning eyes—you name it. Even our cars smelled like smoke—on the inside!

Three months ago we gave up and sold the house. We had to uproot our children again, and we were heartbroken, frustrated, angry and exhausted. I hope this issue can find some traction and my heart goes out to those who suffer as we did and cannot leave their homes.