Wood Smoke Stories

Back on medication

I have a condition known as vasomotor rhinitis. It is a nasal condition that is worsened by exposure (even very brief) to various air pollutants. This includes perfumes, chemicals, cigarette smoke, and also wood smoke. Since 2017 I have a neighbour who burns all year round. There is no day that goes by where this person doesn’t burn something, at any time of day.

The smoke that drifts into my lounge, bathroom and bedroom all of a sudden (often on warm days when I have my windows open), even though it can brief, has triggered my symptoms. For many years I had them under control, without medication. Now I have had to resort to using nasal steroids again because of this “totally legal” behaviour. I’m so angry it is allowed. The council can’t do anything since I know it’s in the locality but I don’t know exactly who it is.

I’m sat here now, after three incidents of this in the last three days, (there has been a heatwave and I’ve had to ventilate my house), with the inside of my nose burning and I’ve just experienced a nose bleed. I shall probably suffer a frontal headache later too. I'm so fed up with it. I wish they would stop.