Wood Smoke Stories

Smoke in rural South Australia

I live in rural South Australia and my neighbourhood is densely populated. To be more specific I am the owner of a type of maisionette where I share a roof with my neighbour. He has two chimneys, one on the roof of his living area — only 3 meters from my bedroom — and one on his shed a little bit further away.

For 6 months of the year I cannot hang out my washing or open my windows. His pets are all reptiles, and he refuses to use heatlamps to provide the desired temperature to his animals during the colder months. I’ve been to court, where he agreed that he will not make fires during daytime on weekends, but he breeches this agreement regularly.

I’ve put in over 15 complaints with my local Council who accept my rates and taxes eagerly, but refuse to come up with a solution about this unacceptable polution which is literally in my face. How is this fair in any way shape or form ... I am slowly suffocating and nobody cares ... wood fires should be banned in all neighbourhoods!!!