Wood Smoke Stories

Smoke-filled neighborhood in Delaware

I am 75 and live in a residential neighborhood in Sussex County, Delaware. I have tried to get help from the County to stop neighbors across street from constantly burning wood once it gets below about 70 degrees. This is the third year it has been going on and I have to mask to go out to my car, walk my dog near my house, etc. I have lost the ability to enjoy the outdoors on my own property.

The County here says they can do nothing unless the fire is outdoors; they have no jurisdiction over indoor burning, or, apparently, the carcinogens pouring out of this couple's chimney. Plus, the woman who is part of this couple is the President of the HOA in this neighborhood of about 270+/- homes. Neighbors whose homes are behind this “smoking chimney” also say their dogs reek because of the constant smoke. Which neighbor has it worst all depends on which way the wind is blowing. And these people had the gall to complain about having to paint the interior of this house when they bought it because of the former owner’s cigarette smoke.