Wood Smoke Stories

No escaping wood smoke in Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia. I lived in an area where many houses used wood heating, despite cleaner alternative heating available. When I informed the council that smoke was entering my home even with doors/windows shut, they inspected the issue, then closed the case, even though woodsmoke was still entering my home and causing health problems.

I left the area, only to be faced with woodsmoke issues from wood stoves and fire pits in the new area.

I am physically drained and sick, and suffering anxiety. All I want is clean air to breathe all the time, and for my family to be healthy and safe.

The wood burners I have encountered enjoyed clean air on their terms, and were tenacious about their rights. They had no consideration for my right and the rights of others to have clean air and health.

The lack of awareness on the dangers of wood smoke is due to health services/organisations, government, and councils not working together to strongly advocate for campaigns to educate the public, and to legislate bans on fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits, and back yard burning.

Woodsmoke damages the life and health of neighbours. The silence from these organisations, and the indifference of the wood burners to the suffering of their neighbours is adding to the toll on people’s health.