Wood Smoke Stories

Cooking fires next door

My so called neighbors in front of me have a fire hearth for cooking and they sell to the public also. It starts at 7:30am and goes all day until 6-7pm.

The smoke wafts in and out and I can not open my front windows and only side, sometimes it is so bad that I entirely shut all my windows and have to turn on my AC, but it isn’t super hot outside, just the smoke smell, is irritating.

I have made so many complaints but all those who should do something don’t. The AC, makes my eyes and skin dry and often makes me congested, however the smoke wafting in and out also causes sneezing.

I am by myself and they are a big family. I don’t complain anymore because before when I did, they joined together and made stories that I did this or that. One person against a family of 20. I don’t even look that way and have my curtains drawn. When I do open my curtain and windows when the wind blowing in different direction and I would be doing my dishes the one lady would film me and later I would get a visit by the police saying I was starting at them and hollering at them. They claim to be good church people but have no consideration for their neighbors.

I actually had petition of everyone around and the department of environment and health department always said we will look into it. All they need to do is raise their chimney another 5 or better yet 10 feet. I even offer to purchase propane for them to make a compromise of burn to cook on 3 out of 6 days a week and take one day off. But they insist food tastes better and people like food cook over fire. However they burn any kind of wood.

I was here first but they claim otherwise—that I bought and built knowing they had a restaurant that sells food cooked over firewood.