Wood Smoke Stories

Lost our home

I’m writing to update you on our case against a neighbor’s OWB. Our lawyer was incompetent. We chose to dismiss our lawsuit before we lost more than the $10,000 we already paid. We decided to cut our losses and put our home up for sale in June and finally sold it (to the listing agent for way less than list price in February of this year). We believe that the news of our lawsuit got around and scared potential buyers away as we live in a very rural community.

We are currently living in our camper. As you may or may not know, the crazy housing market has left us in a sort of limbo through no fault of our own. We’re not breathing toxic smoke, but yet, our quality of life has still suffered a great deal. This shouldn’t be happening in America. I’ve suffered depression and anxiety worse than ever. I thought of starting a Go Fund Me to help with the extreme housing prices but am too proud to ask for help. My husband and I are in our mid 50’s and the thought of a 30-year mortgage at our age is just plain terrifying. This problem HAS to be dealt with. It’s ruining lives. It can happen to anyone. Thank you for listening.