Wood Smoke Stories

Air quality deteriorating in a smoke control area

Hi dear friends from around the world. I am so pleased to find that there are more than just me fighting this issue of wood smoke.

More and more of my neighbours are opening up fires and installing log burners, and so of course the air quality is deteriorating into a smoggy mud most of the time.

I love to run but now I find the smoke in the air is a real issue. I feel like I have smoked a packet of cigs by the time I get home.

The council don’t take the issue seriously, even though it is a smoke control area. The law allows burning from approved appliances and doesn’t restrict domestic use. So it’s open season for people who want to save money on gas and believe the hype that log burners are green and carbon neutral.

I’d love to move somewhere fresh where I can really breathe. Has anyone got any suggestions?