Wood Smoke Stories

Fire pit smokes out house

I grew up in an extremely rural country community where bonfires were a normal occurrence as people’s neighbors were miles away. I grew up on 70 acres and we never had bonfires. I quit attending after trips to the doctor after each of the few times I went. I always ended up with sinus infections as my system being otherwise healthy could not tolerate wood smoke.

Fast forward 30 years and I live in the borough of a small town where we have ordinances that include only permitting fires for cooking. I own a home on a double corner lot as I did wish to enjoy a quiet backyard to read, take the cat out, do some gardening, projects, etc.

My neighbors insist upon having fires constantly. My home completely fills with smoke. I tried to explain that my home fills with smoke, but alas they feel the need to get drunk around a horrible smoking fire in the backyard.

I can rarely use my backyard as it is a fog of smoke and can’t really do anything with my garage because it too is so full of smoke my eyes burn.

I contacted my borough management and they have just completely ignored me.

They burn about every day with smoke everywhere. I just pray they leave at the end of the lease. I hate to admit that the last [tenants next door] that stole my packages were less aggravating because at least my health didn’t suffer. 🙁