Wood Smoke Stories

Panic and coughing

I live in a 1½ acre lot residential neighborhood in Ramsey, Minnesota. I have 3 neighbors that burn wood and other items in outdoor furnaces and indoor wood stoves. One is about 400ft to the north of me, and one is about 400ft to the west of me, and the other is about 600 feet from the south.

I smell smoke all the time time from October to April. I wake up in the middle of the night smelling it making me panic. My eyes burn and I cough a lot from it.

These dirty burners are carbon pumps that pollute the air 24/7. I wish they would make it a law that they can only burn if there are 1200 feet or more, or better yet have EPA laws to ban them. I am entitled breathe clean air!! Also the person to the north looks to burn anything, even construction wood, pallets, etc.