Wood Smoke Stories

Struggling to breathe in a Welsh village

I have lived in a small Welsh village for over 20 years. Recent wood burning is ruining my life.

A new neighbour moved in around six years ago. He lights his stove every morning and evening and makes plumes of smoke. He also adds tar remover to the mix nearly every time. My eyes burn and I start having asthma attacks and get chest pain each time. My house smells of smoke all the time.

He starts burning at 4am so that is when we wake up. My husband has been around to talk to the man initially to check if he knew how much smoke he was making and explain the pain he was causing. We have also written to him. All to no avail. Other neighbours have also knocked.

The council won't do anything as he claims to burn dry wood. I feel frightened as I can't breathe and I dread winter. He has electricity and another form of heating. I don't understand why he would do this especially as we have helped him in the past.