Wood Smoke Stories

Senior veteran affected by smoke

I am a 68 year old senior Vietnam Era Veteran. I live in Lakeside, California. I have lived in my house for over 20 some years in peace, until new neighbors moved in. They love to burn wood out in their patio next to the fence we share. I live downwind, so all the smoke comes to me. It gets in the house, attic and garage. I asked them to burn on the other side of the yard or use fans to blow the smoke away from me. So I wrote them and asked them one more time… They wrote me back and said I was a hypochondriac.

The smoke burns my eyes, my throat and it makes it hard to breathe. Also, I get terrible coughing spells from the smoke. I went to the fire station and they said to file a complaint with the Sheriff's office. Went there and they said there was nothing I could do. They're burning in legal equipment. One is a barbecue with no lid and the other is like a little pot belly stove and the smoke comes out the top.

So now I have bought fans and put them all along the fence trying to blow the smoke back to them. Also, the smoke from their chimney burning in the winter blows right to my house. They don't even have a spark arrester.

I feel so helpless and wish someone could help me. I read there are nuisance laws, but you would need a lawyer to enforce it, and I can't really afford that.