Wood Smoke Stories

Anaphylaxis from an OWB

This makes me sick! I cannot believe we live in a developed country and have to be forced to breathe in wood smoke from a neighbor.

We just bought our home. Our “dream” country home. Only to find out that we were about to be engulfed in smoke almost every day. I was hospitalized last week for anaphylaxis after walking out of my front door into my neighbor’s thick smoke from their outdoor wood boiler! Had to be given epinephrine to breathe! It is only 75 feet away from my house.

Their kid is sick now… and is probably going to die. Started out with a “sinus infection” that progressed to coughing up blood, and now a rare autoimmune vasculitis! Several weeks after putting it in. So sad! They just won’t put two and two together! There aren’t any ordinances in this township against them. It’s ridiculous.

We are going to have to move… I cry about the money we worked so hard for and how we will lose it all, but they can kill their children and themselves with benzene and particulate matter… but I am not going to let them kill mine!! I wonder if they are going to put that on their child’s headstone! Killed by us because we wanted to save some money!! There is a special place in hell for people like that!