Wood Smoke Stories

No break from smoke in the Bay Area

One of my favorite things to do is to have all the windows open with cool breezes flowing through the house. I also like to entertain a lot outside.

I have reactive airways and so I keep my windows closed in the summer and fall much of the time due to all the days of forest fire smoke. After the many weeks of forest fire smoke and inversion pollution we experience without any choice here in the Bay Area, I really look forward to fresh clean air winters, but then people insist on continuing to pump harmful smoke into the air from their wood stoves and fireplaces.

I’ve had to cancel outdoor events due to the wood smoke from neighbors, and had to quickly close all windows and stay inside on otherwise beautiful days.

I wish many others would appreciate how nice it is to get to breathe clean fresh air, and understand how their actions take this right away from the people around them.

We have so much out of control smoke from fires and other pollution, I would think they’d welcome the fresh air when we finally get it rather than immediately adding more smoke to the air.

I don’t understand why breathing clean air for themselves and those around them is not important to them. So many people live so closely together, it no longer make sense for wood fires to continue to be okay.