Wood Smoke Stories

Firepits in Saskatoon

We live in Saskatoon Canada where city council allows people to burn from 2 to 11 pm. As you know there was a nasty debate beforehand. My elderly Mom had a lung tumour and I have allergies/asthma.

Our neighbor burns a firepit despite being told of our health problems. They say it’s only smoke and the fire dept says they can. Fire bylaw says there cannot be nuisance smoke but we have to sign a witness statement and agree to go to court. Even then they will not put it out if it is otherwise legal. They always say the smoke wasn't that bad even though it is. They talk about having to be fair to everyone. If we went to court we wouldn’t win because fire dept. would say it was just a little smoke. We are forced indoors and can’t enjoy our yard. We are made to feel we’re being unfair and we shouldn’t be bothered as the smoke wasn’t that bad. With the council, fire dept and a lot of residents against us there is nothing we can do. Someone needs to get the message out that smoke is harmful and start changing attitudes.