Wood Smoke Stories

Backyard campfires in New York State

I have a neighbor who continually has campfires 30 feet from my house. It’s not comfortable to be outside, and difficult to keep the smoke out of the house — even with the windows closed. I have to leave my home sometimes for days at a time. My wife has been hospitalized due to smoke inhalation.

Over the past number of years ... I made an effort to contact all government agencies and elected local and state officials. To date, all of them have either ignored my petitions or claim these types of recreational fires are excluded from any kind of state or local regulation. The New York State Department of Health is aware of dangers of wood smoke inhalation, but claims it does not have the authority under NY State law to take any legal action.... again since recreational fires and bonfires are excluded from any regulation.

Both my wife and I have suffered under this situation, and we find we have no other solution but to sell our home so we can breath clean air again.