Wood Smoke Stories

Wood smoke caused lung disease

We bought our home almost 50 years ago. Since then we have upgraded our heating/cooling to geothermal water pump system. Figuring this would be a responsible thing to do in lessening environmental pollution.

Then the neighbor to the west of us passed away. A young couple bought it and quickly installed a wood heating system. After a year of our home filling with their wood smoke, I asked that they consider a different form of heat. They got upset, ranting about how much warmer the wood heat was. They further said they would not change.

After several years, I became ill with breathing problems. Doctors soon decided it was COPD. I inquired how I got this. Doctor looked at me, “you have to stop smoking”! I said, never smoked in my life. It was the wood smoke that had caused my lung issues.

Since then, on numerous occasions, we’ve asked they change heat. Two summers ago after asking again, they responded by buying a new wood furnace. I inquired then with local government, DNR, and other agencies about how to force them to stop. They all told me, nope, it's their right to have a wood burner??? Now, 30 years later, I was kept up all night with my home filled with their wood smoke. I live on sinus medications, I need an inhaler with me all the time. So frustrating to have your life/health destroyed by narrow minded people.