Wood Smoke Stories

Smoke pollution in Quebec

I live in Quebec and am surrounded by “granola” type self-righteous hypocrites. Not that long ago a law was passed against tobacco smoke and vaporizers. Any law that protects persons against harm from others is good. Why then do the same people who back laws against combustible material measured in grams feel it is OK to load tonnes of wood into their fireplaces and wood stoves?

I try to run up the hill to the Lodge in the morning at a major local ski resort and am choked by useless outdoor wood fireplaces. (Ambience for the city-folk I suppose). Wouldn’t want them have to breathe clean air now, would we? Take a visit to the local spa and get a good whiff of the same toxic stench from their charming outdoor fireplaces. Try to go for a cross-country ski on a crisp night and drop down a hill into the village only to literally find my eyes burning. One particular morning there was actually a mushroom cloud [of wood smoke] from the commercial green houses at the local nursery.

Worst of all , I wake up every morning and blow my nose to see black on the Kleenex. I usually have a headache and feel tired even though not having a drink the night before. My neighbor has a chimney 15 feet from my house and burns about 20 cords a year from late August to June. (Doesn’t spend $$ on insulation as I do, I guess.) It just seems like the vast majority of otherwise intelligent people have been brain-washed and can’t recognize such a deadly problem. Oh well, I guess we will all have to get sick and die a slow crappy death. Hopefully the next generation won’t be so blind. I am looking for solutions, but so far people look at me like I am from outer-space when I complain. “Teach Your Children Well” — CSNY