Wood Smoke Stories

Smoke comes in through air intake

Moved here in May 2010, had no problem with wood smoke until March/April 2019. Found out neighbor put wood burner in his garage. Since then we have lost our right to breathe clean healthy air. Normal wind currents in this neighborhood are from his location to ours. He burns wood 5–7 days a week. His wood smoke surrounds and settles on my house entering through the fresh air intake for air circulation system. County health department official said installation of wood burner was legal according to county rule. Legal or not it endangers the health of others in the community. Therefore the official is agreeable to allowing one person to slowly kill another with wood smoke.

I have decreased lung efficiency and have had two heart operations. It is difficult for me to breathe in my own home. We are suffering headaches, chest pain, burning eyes, and a lot of health issues we did not have before the smoke. Officials do not want to help because they don’t suffer from the smoke.