Wood Smoke Stories

Outdoor wood boilers in Wales

I had to move out of my house. I was constantly coughing, sore throat, itching eyes, nausea, fatigue—the usual effects of smoke exposure. The outdoor wood furnace destroying my quality of life is a Central Boiler E1450.

The Public Health Officer’s response: “We are entirely satisfied this is safe,” but they would no doubt feel differently if they had to breath it in 24/7…  I’m trying to take this to Court to obtain an abatement order—the owner couldn’t care less—he is being paid a Renewable Heat Incentive paid in accordance with the amount of wood burned. So he has hooked up a second home and now burns twice as much wood. His defence is that this is on the RHI approved appliance list. This is surely not what was invisioned when this scheme was set up. This is filthy air pollution.

But there is no monitoring of emissions and my County Council refuse to take measurements or responsibility—has the world gone mad? Getting Health Officers to understand woodsmoke pollution is a real challenge, and it shouldn’t be. My house is, of course, unsellable. We must keep educating and demanding action. I’m in West Wales and these furnaces are popping up everywhere. Please keep spreading awareness.