Wood Smoke Stories

Life Destroyed by an OWB

Someone please tell me why and how anyone can destroy your life with an outdoor wood boiler and still not be held responsible? Today my husband has his blood counts wiped out because of leukemia he got a few weeks ago, and to think about all the garbage and everything that was burned and blown on us for years without anyone shutting my neighbor down with all my pictures and everyone I begged to and attorney telling me my complaints was falling on deaf ears!

I am angry! I plan on going all way to the White House with my pictures and pictures of my husband suffering if I have to. Why shouldn’t the people that allowed this be held responsible? Why? My husband’s blood count is wiped out he doesn’t have the strength to talk, get dressed or even eat and all he can do to breathe he is so short of breath... [Our neighbor] has destroyed our life...

I had so much evidence and worked so hard on my case for my neighbor and our county to just get off free for the horror they put us through is shocking and my husband if he gets out of hospital comes home to the same old toxic smells in our home from the smoldering smoke that has made him sick. He is still in the bone marrow unit not knowing when he will come home.

Why can’t my neighbor be held responsible for the hurt he has inflicted on us? Why?

Winter in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia
Legal Ordeal
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