Wood Smoke Stories

Chimney right next to bedroom window

Our neighbour installed a wood burner where the flue exits close to our main bedroom window. The smell of smoke most days and nights apart from in summer means we can’t have windows open or even think of using the garden. We now have to live with smoke stained curtains and all our windows shut in fear of the fumes coming in. As my wife is asthmatic this is causing us huge stress and potential health issues.

Despite being in contact with our local council they’ve said as it’s built to regs there’s not a lot they can do. Our neighbours have refused to stop using it as “it cost them 3 grand to have installed.”

I’m shocked that this type of pollution is still allowed when the known health ramifications are huge.

A window on a brick building. Soot is visible on the light-colored window frame.
The flue just outside the bedroom window.